A-10 Announces Championships to Remain on NC Campuses

In a letter to the Davidson community, President Carol Quillen shared today's news that the Atlantic 10 athletic conference championships scheduled for member campuses will go on as planned:

To the Davidson College Community:


The recent announcements by the NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) have renewed conversation about the North Carolina state law known as HB2. To be absolutely clear: Davidson does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. We seek to create an inclusive and welcoming community that respects all people. Our non-discrimination policy and statements on HB2 are posted on the Davidson College website.

While Davidson is not directly subject to the provisions of HB2, we are deeply affected by it. This divisive, hastily crafted law explicitly marginalizes the LGBTQ community and then prevents local governments from rectifying this injustice. More than ever, we at Davidson must work together for fairness, inclusion, and equal opportunity for all.

Over the past few months, several major athletic organizations have acted to demonstrate their commitment to inclusion. The NBA and the NCAA moved championship games out of North Carolina, and the ACC will relocate conference championships that would have been played in North Carolina at neutral venues (venues not on an ACC member campus). Davidson applauds the NCAA and the ACC for taking these steps. ACC championships scheduled to take place on ACC member campuses in North Carolina will go on as planned.

As many of you know, Davidson is scheduled to host the Atlantic 10 (A-10) Conference Men's Soccer Championship in November on our campus. Like the NCAA and the ACC, the A-10 has made known its strong commitment to fairness and inclusion. In a decision that aligns with that of the ACC, the A-10 affirmed that championships scheduled on member campuses should go on as planned. The A-10 Conference Men's Soccer Championship will therefore take place at Davidson on November 10-13. We are grateful for the opportunity to host the championship–which rotates among A-10 campuses–and we hope the event will show our A-10 colleagues that, like many other North Carolina campuses, Davidson works to build a truly inclusive community where equal opportunity for all is real.

Thank you for your commitment to Davidson and to building a more humane, more just future in North Carolina.


Carol Quillen


  • September 16, 2016