Davidson College fosters a positive environment in which all employees and students enjoy a work and academic environment free from illegal discrimination or harassment. Our policy is to admit qualified students and administer all educational, athletic, financial, and employment activities without discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state, or local law unless allowed by law and deemed necessary to the administration of the college's educational programs or operations.

The policies, benefits and guidelines for Davidson College employees are available in the Human Resources office or via our campus Intranet upon hire. The college expressly reserves the right to change, amend, or terminate any policy, practice or benefit at any time, with or without notice, and to make decisions that may be different from the policies expressed in previous versions of our guide. It is intended that employees be advised of any changes to our policies; changes may occur, however, before any written revisions are circulated.

Read more about our non-discrimination and non-harassment policies for the college: