Inside Higher Ed: “Story of Fake News” MOOC Featured In Creative Course Finder Column


Leading industry publication "Inside Higher Ed" profiled Davidson's new, two-week online course, "The Story of Fake News."


IHE interviewed professors Amanda Martinez and Mark Sample and ITS Director of Engagement Julie Goff as it surveyed the course's unique content and impressive global reach. The course has attracted more than 2,300 participants with almost half from outside the United States.


"The Story of Fake News" aims to equip citizens with a deeper understanding of the "fake news" phenomenon and the skills to become a more careful consumer of news.


Sample told IHE: "I'm really hoping people [gain] a broader sense of fake news. I want them to realize there are ways to combat fake news, things you can do as a consumer... I want to help people avoid feeling helpless."


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  • March 23, 2017