New Polls Show Changing Relationship to Religion Says Davidson Sociology Professor

Gerardo Marti Teaches Class

Sociology professor and department chair Gerardo Marti recently commented on a pair of new polls about the state of religion in America during “Morning Edition,” the popular news program produced and distributed by NPR.

The polls show that Americans are feeling less connected to religion and are losing confidence in their minister’s ability to help.

Marti, who focuses on race-ethnicity, religion and social change, says technology is eroding one of the characteristics that defined a pastor’s place in the community:

“Once upon a time, it was the pastor who was the most educated and the most capable of dealing with the emotional lives of people or the practical necessities in a community,” Marti said, noting that many pastoral duties, such as visiting the hospital and bringing meals to people’s homes, are now carried out by lay people.

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  • July 23, 2019