Southern Living: Davidson Farm Feeds Community During Time of Need

Joe Rowland kneels with Produce at Davidson College Farm

Southern Living recently featured a story about a fruitful partnership between The Farm at Davidson and FeedNC, a Mooresville food bank.

Last spring, as campus emptied and the pandemic brought life at Davidson to a standstill, farm manager Joe Rowland had fields full of produce ready for harvest.

At the same time, FeedNC saw a huge spike in families in need.

Rowland partnered with FeedNC, delivering fresh produce to the pantry. By the end of the year, FeedNC had distributed over 11 tons of vegetables and greens grown on the Davidson property.

“That's how we all got through [the pandemic]: Whatever you could do, you had to go and do it,” Rowland said. “Put it out there and help your community. So, I set out to not let any food go to waste. People needed it.”

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