New York Times: In-Depth Look at Taiwan’s Past and Future Features Prof. Rigger

Chinese and Taiwanese Flags Side by Side

Professor Shelley Rigger, an expert on Taiwan and China, is quoted in the New York Times Magazine.

The story by Sarah Topol takes a long look at Taiwan’s history and its increasingly uncertain future. The island nation has watched the Chinese Communist Party extend its reach into Hong Kong over the past five years and now wonders if the C.C.P. will seek to extend its reach across the 81 miles of ocean that separate the two countries.

Rigger, the Brown Professor of Political Science, says China is trying to make an assimilation of Taiwan seem like a fait accompli.

According to Rigger, China’s “game plan for Taiwan is to convince the rest of the world that resistance is futile, that the P.R.C. version of history is correct and will prevail. Therefore, sinking a lot of resources into helping Taiwan resist incorporation into the P.R.C. is a waste of your resources because you are pressing against the tide of history.”

The story is available to subscribers in full online. It also appeared in the New York Times Magazine that is bundled into the Aug. 8 edition.

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