Family Album: The More We Get Together

black and white photo of construction machine tearing down walls of former Johnston Gymnasium

It's a humming hive of activity on campus—a gathering place for celebration and reflection, a place to kick back with friends or study for exams, and a place to enrich our lives through lectures by thought leaders and performances by renowned artists.

The Knobloch Campus Center, which includes the Alvarez College Union and Duke Family Performance Hall, emerged out of a major renovation of the Johnston Gymnasium two decades ago this year. The college community celebrated the milestone on a beautiful fall day with guest speakers, musical performances and, of course, cake.

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Spring/Summer 2021 Family Album

Leighton B. McKeithen III '75 wrote in response to the spring/summer 2021 Family Album photo with some valuable information for the archives: "The gentlemen were not students in the 1920s but rather the prior decade. The young man on the left in the photo is my grandfather, Leighton B. McKeithen Sr., who graduated in the class of 1919." Thank you, Leighton!

Spring/Summer 2021 Family Album: Dressed for Success

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  • January 3, 2022