My Davidson | A Student Blog Study Abroad in Copenhagen: Day in the Life of Julia Lau ’23

Copenhagen Canal

Spend a day in the life with Davidson College student Julia Lau '23 as she studies abroad with DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark.

About the Author

Julia Lau ’23 (she/her) is a digital & screen media major and computer science minor from Los Angeles, California.

"I first visited Davidson through Access Davidson and noticed the manifestation of the Honor Code. Walking to Commons and entering the doors, a student was already holding the door open for me. Knowing that the students were kind, trusting of one another, and fostered an environment where I felt cared for drew me to Davidson."

I had wanted to study abroad for as long as I could remember, but I chose to study abroad with DIS Copenhagen because of all the positive comments I’d heard from upperclassmen–and they were all true! DIS Copenhagen is an amazing program and I’ve really loved my time abroad. 

I’m glad I am able to get to know the city, while also having the chance to travel all over the EU (European Union) as well.

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  • April 21, 2022