Prof. Sánchez y Sánchez Wins Prestigious Boswell Fellowship

Prof. Samuel Sánchez y Sánchez converses with student

Professor of Hispanic Studies Samuel Sánchez y Sánchez has received the prestigious Boswell Family Faculty Fellowship for 2022-2023.

The Boswell Family Faculty Fellowships were established by Tom and Cheryl Boswell to honor the exceptional education their sons experienced at Davidson. Boswell Fellowships provide salary, travel, and research funding for one or two faculty members each year to extend a sabbatical to a full year. Professor of Anthropology Helen Cho also received the 2022-2023 fellowship.

During most of his sabbatical year, Sánchez y Sánchez will be working on a Justice, Equality, and Community (JEC) project that examines the response of Gypsies to social exclusion in Southern Spain as represented in flamenco lyrics.  Grounded in an interdisciplinary approach to these texts from Cultural and Literary Studies, Sánchez y Sánchez’s project aims to gather a corpus of understudied sources to examine the convergence of cultural identity, social exclusion, and literary representation as the parameters for the marginality, inequality, and injustice experienced by the Gypsy community in Andalusia. 

Sánchez y Sánchez will be conducting his research in alternative and smaller cultural institutions and unexplored archives in Spain in order to uncover sources and give visibility to the ways in which the Gypsy community in Andalusia has navigated oppression and exclusion through flamenco lyrics.

Sánchez y Sánchez extends his gratitude to the Boswell Family for their generosity in supporting his research and his growth as a teacher/scholar at Davidson.


  • August 30, 2022