Davidson College Professor Awarded North Carolina Humanities Grant

a middle aged white man standing in front of a bookcase smiling

Alan Michael Parker, Douglas C. Houchens Professor of English, has received a fellowship from the North Carolina Humanities. This $8,000 grant will support his book project, One Million Likes: Understanding Cartooning in a Digital Age.

“To have my project, One Million Likes: Understanding Cartooning in the Digital Age, validated by North Carolina Humanities funding means that I can spend two months writing a book I want to matter," Parker writes. "It's my job to help us see the world more clearly--and this grant makes all the difference in how I can do my job. We're all on the Internet, defining ourselves differently by our interactions with the digital universe; in One Million Likes, I want us to think together about what the Internet means for cartoons, memes, likes, shares, and how new kinds of social capital change social practice.”

Parker’s fellowship is made possible by a grant from North Carolina Humanities, a statewide nonprofit and the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. 


  • May 10, 2024