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  • China's Rise

    Prof. Shelley Rigger explains how China's power is increasing worldwide—in its political influence, economy, and military. And the country's rapid growth has complicated things for Taiwan.

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  • Why did the Arab Spring Begin in Tunisia?

    No one expected the Arab Spring to begin in Tunisia. Prof. Chris Alexander covers the four critical changes that have taken place in the country over the last decade which lead to the uprising.

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  • Bracketology (March Madness)

    A lot of sports tournament matchups are determined through brackets. Prof. Tim Chartier teaches students how to create mathematical formulas/models to predict winners using bracketology and ranking, a system that has applications in many other fields.

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  • War on Drugs

    Much of the conflict in the war on drugs occurs in Latin America, challenging governmental relations and leading to some pushback. Prof. Russell Crandall says hemispheric relations are further complicated as news spreads of U.S. states legalizing marijuana, while at the same time the U.S. is demanding aggressive efforts by Latin American countries to combat drugs.

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Davidson Experts

Are you a member of the media looking for an expert source?

Davidson's faculty and staff are available to provide analysis and context on a variety of topics, including the unfolding political and social situation in Arab Spring countries, China and the politics of East Asia, repercussions of U.S. drug policy, how to make mathematics fun and accessible to children, and North Carolina politics.

To connect with a Davidson expert, please contact Jay Pfeifer, director of media relations, at, 704-894-2920 (office) or 980-297-2355 (cell).

TV & Radio Broadcast Studio

Davidson College, in partnership with Nomadic Communications, offers a 24/7 broadcast insert studio on campus for national and international media interviews. Additionally, Davidson has ISDN connectivity for radio interviews through WDAV 89.9, our Classical Public Radio station. WDAV's 24-hour service is certified by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. A member of National Public Radio (NPR) and an affiliate of American Public Media, WDAV carries NPR newscasts at various times throughout the day.

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Media interviews can be booked in the insert studio through Nomadic Communications at or 866-519-7723.

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