• Ph.D. Indiana University
  • M.S.E. University of Southern Indiana
  • B.A. Babes-Boliay University Cluj-Napoca, Romania


With a French Medieval literature specialization and a Medieval Studies background, my main interest is centered on the 13th and 14th century French religious texts, especially the miracles of the Virgin Mary. As a generalist, I am also interested in pre-modern literary genres, especially theater (medieval and classic) and old and middle French language and its evolution. From the modern era, I am interested in film studies and Francophone literature.


  • FRE 101 Elementary French I
  • FRE 102 Elementary French II
  • FRE 103 Accelerated French I and II
  • FRE 212 Oral Expression, Listening Comprehension and Practical Phonetics
  • FRE 220 Introduction to Literature: Love and Death in Pre-modern French Literature
  • FRE 220 Francophone Humanities
  • FRE 228 Introduction to Francophone Literature Abroad: Western African Literature
  • FRE 291 Black France (course taught in Paris, France)
  • FRE 313 French Written Expression: Composition, Translation and Advanced Grammar Review
  • FRE 315 History of the French Language
  • FRE 320 French Literature: Husbands, Wives and Lovers
  • FRE 332 The Hidden and the Forbidden: Advanced Pre-modern French Literature and Sexuality
  • FRE 368 L’amour et la mort: Advanced Pre-modern French Literature
  • FRE 391 Black France (course taught in Paris, France)
  • FRE 490 The Hidden and the Forbidden: Senior Seminar, Advanced Premodern French Literature