Students of high motivation and demonstrable language-learning aptitude may apply for enrollment in independent study courses in languages not taught in the classroom.

This program does not satisfy the foreign language or cultural diversity requirement; normally students have had a previous foreign language.

In all areas of the program, we adhere to the standards of the National Association of Self-Instructional Language Programs. Emphasis is placed on the spoken language, though reading skills are also developed.

Each offering is an intensive audio-lingual course utilizing self-instructional texts combined with three hours per week with a native speaker, and a final examination by a specialist who is usually invited from another institution. The final grade for the semester is based on the outside examination.

The Director of Self-Instructional Languages Program must approve applications. Students must indicate their interest well in advance of enrollment (by the end of the pre-enrollment period). No late applications will be accepted once the semester has begun. The program requires the payment of an additional technology fee ($155 in 2019-2020).

NEW: Starting Spring 2019, SILP will offer American Sign Language as a new SILP class (SIL120). The application process and procedures are the same as for any other languages.

Professor Florin Beschea is the director of the Self-Instructional Languages Program. For further information please email him at or call 704-894-2923, or email Anne-Marie Craig at or call 704-894-2398.