• Ph.D. University of Minnesota
  • M.S. University of Pune
  • B.A. (Hons.) University of Delhi


My scholarly interests are in the areas of economic growth and macroeconomic aspects of development and international trade. My dissertation focused on the inter-temporal dynamics of demand for U.S. agricultural exports within a time-series framework.

My current research projects include an examination of the crowding-in or crowding-out effect of public investment in developing countries, the long-run impact of foreign aid in a group of South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, the impact of food aid on domestic agricultural production and aid dependency in developing countries, and an empirical analysis of barriers to economic growth and structural transformation.

I teach courses in macroeconomics, development, economic growth, and forecasting. In spring 2018, I will mentor senior economics majors in examining whether food aid has successfully provided development assistance to the poor or served primarily as a tool to foster commercial food exports of donor countries.

Prior to coming to Davidson, I taught at the University of Minnesota and Colby College.