The South Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor at Davidson

South Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary minor focusing on an important region of the nonwestern world including Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The courses provide opportunities for students to explore the arts, economics, history, languages, politics, religions, and social structures of the cultures and the region, as well as an opportunity to study abroad. 

Davidson in India

Davidson's Semester-in-India program combines a period of residence in Madras and a time of travel/study to major archaeological and historical sites in India.

Davidson in India

Courses You Might Take

REL 471

Spiritual Love in Hinduism


One of the central themes in classical Hindu thought is that the highest or deepest reality, often associated with divinity, can be known and experienced through the cultivation and expression of spiritual love. Readings and discussions in this…

SIL 171

Beginning Hindi

Beginning Hindi.

By permission only.  Visit the SILP website for instructions.

REL 370

Asian Meditation Texts


A study of the religious significance, ideals, and practice of meditation in selected Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Readings center on translations of primary texts but also include pertinent indigenous commentaries and modern interpretive works.

Satisfies the Philosophical and…