• Postdoctoral Associate, University of South Carolina
  • PhD, University of South Carolina
  • MS, University of Connecticut
  • BS, University of Connecticut

Areas of Expertise

  • Conservation Biology
  • Molecular Ecology


I am broadly interested in conservation biology, marine systems, and promoting science literacy. My research centers on the molecular ecology and conservation of wild populations, particularly those of marine turtles and fishes. By integrating genetic, spatial, and demographic data, I study patterns in population structure and behavior, and how these patterns affect species resiliency. My doctoral work focused on the natal homing behavior, mating system, and rookery structure of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle in the Eastern Caribbean. More recent work has included metabarcoding fish larvae off the Gulf of Mexico to better understand pelagic species distributions. My background in non-profit conservation and outreach drives an interest in framing questions for management and increasing accessibility of scientific research. I teach Integrated Concepts of Biology II (BIO114) and Biostatistics for Life Scientists (BIO240).