Biology at Davidson

The Biology department provides students with strong foundations that enable them to think critically about biological topics, learn technical skills for solving biological problems, and communicate biological information in multiple formats.

By offering courses that span the spectrum of biological disciplines, students can prepare for advanced studies in a wide variety of fields. The curriculum also prepares students to take a leadership role in society by furnishing them with the tools to make informed decisions about scientific issues.

Biology lab professor and students

Prof. Karen Hales speaks to Genetics students about DNA sequence analysis of the fruit fly gene which they characterized by CRISPR-Cas9 targeted mutagenesis.

Prof. Paradise Research in the Field

Prof. Chris Paradise and Davidson Research Institute summer fellows collect data on the insect population of a local farm.

Prof. Bernd Safer Smokes Research in Lab w Student

Students study the effects on vaping using an exposure chamber that Prof. Karen Bernd's lab developed specifically for e-cigarette vapor experiments.


In addition to the research projects that are integral parts of many biology lab courses, students have opportunities to design independent research courses, conduct thesis projects and participate in paid summer research internships.

Student Research Opportunities


Davidson Biology Hiring Tenure-Track Assistant Professor

The Davidson College Biology Department invites applications for a tenure-track position in vertebrate organismal biology at the Assistant Professor level to help fulfill the College’s mission of equipping students with humane instincts and disciplined and creative minds in preparation for lives of leadership and service.  We seek a vertebrate organismal biologist whose research explores the physiology, ecology, and/or evolution of non-human vertebrates. This position will begin July 1, 2023. Read the Job Description & Apply.

Inquiries may be sent to Dr. Kevin Smith at