• Postdoctoral Research University of California, Berkeley (Chemistry Education)
  • Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley (Molecular and Cell Biology)
  • B.A. Hampton University


As a science education researcher my work focuses on the design and assessment of courses that aim to engage students in scientific practices as a means of shifting and expanding who participates in science to include those from diverse backgrounds and pre-collegiate preparations. I am also interested in supporting students to see science communication as a central scientific practice and to develop fluent and flexible science communication skills.

In addition to the work I've done on an equity-focused redesign of an introductory chemistry course, my work to support inclusion in the sciences has also included designing and implementing research programs for undergraduates as well as working to support diversity and inclusion efforts in a synthetic biology research consortium.

Prior to moving into science education, my education and research focused on biology/biochemistry. My graduate research focused on protein folding; I aimed to understand the role of helix stability in long-range communication across proteins that allow them to exist in either a fully-folded or unfolded conformation at equilibrium.

My undergraduate research included synthetic biology, marine science and cell biology.