• M.A. National Taiwan Normal University
  • B.A. National Chiayi University


I was born and raised in Taiwan, a small island in East Asia, a model for democracy in the Chinese-speaking world, home to 23 million people, and for the third year, ranked number one in the world for ex-pats (, 2021).

I hold a Master’s Degree from National Taiwan Normal University in teaching Chinese as a second language. I have been teaching Chinese since 2008. Before joining the Chinese Studies Department at Davidson College in August 2014, I was invited to teach as a visiting scholar at the Chinese Summer Language School of Middlebury College in 2012 and the College of the Holy Cross in 2012-2013. I worked as an instructor at the Princeton in Beijing program in 2014 and 2015. To learn more about my teaching experiences, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Besides teaching, I am experienced in Apprentice Teacher (AT) training. I have also given presentations at state and national language conferences, including the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA), Foreign Language Association of North Carolina (FLANC), and Chinese Language Teacher Association of North Carolina (CLTA-NC). My research interests focus on Chinese grammar and its pedagogical applications, the impact of learner strategies in second language acquisition, K-16 intercultural curriculum development, online course renovation, and so on.


  • CHI 101 Elementary Chinese I
  • CHI 102 Elementary Chinese II
  • CHI 201 Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHI 202 Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHI 295 Independent Study: Intermediate Reading & Writing
  • CHI 301 Advanced Chinese I
  • CHI 302 Advanced Chinese II
  • CHI 350 Advanced Reading & Writing I
  • CHI 351 Advanced Reading & Writing II
  • CHI 353 Advanced Composition & Conversation I
  • CHI 354 Advanced Composition & Conversation II
  • CHI 395 Independent Study: Advanced Reading & Writing
  • CHI 450 Topics in Advanced Modern Chinese