The Chinese Studies Department is dedicated to helping students learn and understand the Chinese language, literature, and culture.

We satisfy all the needs of our students by offering a full curriculum in Chinese language, culture, cinema, and literature. These courses lead students not only to China's past and present but also to her future.

Students can obtain a major or interdisciplinary minor in East Asian studies and a major or interdisciplinary minor in Chinese Language and Literature through the Chinese Studies Department. These options prepare students linguistically and culturally for interaction with Chinese in the Chinese-speaking world or here in the West.

Knowledge of Chinese has proven increasingly valuable for many who pursue degrees in areas like anthropology, economics, history, political science, and religious studies, and for many others who pursue careers in international trade or government service. We offer courses in cultural studies, film studies, literature in translation, and modern Chinese (Mandarin) at all levels.

Education Abroad

Experiencing Chinese culture and people, as well as firsthand practice with the language are essential as a Chinese Studies major or minor. We strongly recommend that students study abroad in an approved program in a Chinese-speaking country.

Opportunities to Study Abroad

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