My Davidson | A Student Blog Claire Tatum ’24: Creativity on Campus in Photos

The Nuances perform in spring 2022

One of Davidson’s talented a cappella groups, The Nuances, serenades the crowd at the Annual Music and Dance Extravaganza.

Claire Tatum '24 captures the many facets of Davidson College's creative and artistic communities in this photo essay on the arts at Davidson.

About the Author

Claire Tatum ’24 (she/her/hers) is a Studio Art and Communication Studies double major from Mobile, Alabama.

"I enjoy taking candid photographs on campus showcasing the raw, authentic student experience. Through my work, I hope to convey the many facets of campus life that make Davidson so unique."

When coming to campus two years ago, I worried that Davidson, like many small colleges, would lack a thriving creative community. 

Thankfully, Davidson students defy this stereotype. For many students, you’re just as likely to see them conducting research in the Wall Center as you are to see them singing their hearts out, performing on stage, or creating in the Visual Arts Center.

Throughout the year, I explored Davidson’s many creative opportunities in an effort to highlight the value and importance of the arts on campus.

a young woman wears a green tank and jeans while working on a screen printing project in a studio

Ann Estelle Freyer ’24 works on her screen printing project, an artistic process she has fallen in love with since coming to Davidson.

Tamara Williams teaches Davidson students the Brazilian dance techniques of Rosangela Silvestre

Tamara Williams teaches Davidson students the Brazilian dance techniques of Rosangela Silvestre.

a group of young women in athletics and masks dance

Members of Gamut Dance Company perform at Dance Marathon to raise money for children affected by cancer

a student holds a rock while sitting in a chair

Students gather in the VAC (Visual Arts Center) with mental health counselor Susan Denny to discuss climate change, the anxiety it causes and how to seek relief through natural materials and creativity.

Davidson College Symphony Orchestra performs Star Wars

The Davidson College Symphony Orchestra puts on a Star Wars concert so impressive that even R2D2 made an appearance.

a young woman with brown hair wears a white lacy dress while singing on a stage

The Drowning Girls, a student-directed play, moves audiences with its raw emotion and intriguing set design.

Davidson Bhangra Performing

Davidson Bhangra never fails to get the crowd on its feet, especially with this thrilling performance to the popular song “Jalebi Baby."

a jar of blackberry juice on an art studio desk

Art professor Nichole van Beek encourages students to consider sustainability in their art by using natural materials, like this paint made from blackberries.

Davidson Chorale singing and holding books

Members of Davidson College Chorale sing a moving Hebrew piece as the grand-finale to their annual spring concert.

two young men sit on a stage while facing each other

The Zoo Story, a one-act play by Edward Albee, stuns viewers with its fast-paced dialogue and surprise ending no one saw coming.

a young woman stands while painting in a bright art studio

Sarah Green ’24, a sophomore art major, works on a preliminary sketch for her drawing class this semester.

Davidson students consistently find ways to build a creative community on campus with endless opportunities to engage with the arts and promote the importance of self expression. Whether you want to hear renditions of the latest a capella hit, be amazed by skilled student dancers, have your breath taken away by student actors, or view student artwork that will inspire you, you’re sure to find creativity on campus wherever you look.


  • May 26, 2022