• Ph.D., M.A. Indiana University
  • B.A. Universit√© Charles de Gaulle


I'm a native of northern France, and I love teaching my language to students because I love to see them go from hesitant to talkative as they gain confidence.

My dissertation, and most of my research focuses on the study of biracialism, multiracialism, and diversity as applied to literature, social studies, and political science. Other research and teaching interests I have include modern Francophone literature, cinema, and most notably, the construction of identity in France for immigrants.

I enjoy studying image and representation in the French world, especially as it relates to a crisis of identity in modern France. Immigration is a very big deal in France, as citizens from the colonies move to France and inevitably alter the physical appearance and cultural influences of the French-France didn't expect to be changed by her colonies.

I hold a master's degree in movie translation from the University of Lille. I spent a number of years in the movie translation industry before turning to teaching.

My current research project looks at the most recent portrayals of French immigrants in new TV comedies and how they deconstruct or reinforce existing stereotypes.