Experience in film or video production helps you to function more effectively and participate more actively in the ever-developing multimedia culture of the 21st century.

For this reason, the Film and Media Studies interdisciplinary minor compliments a wide variety of majors.

The interdisciplinary minor promotes the development of multimedia literacy, providing you with an understanding of the history, theory, language and cultural aspects of film and other audio-visual media.

Combining introductory and advanced courses in Film and Media Studies with electives from the humanities and the social sciences, the interdisciplinary minor will help you become a sensitive reader of film and media while increasing your insight into one of the principal forms of art and communication in the contemporary era. Courses incorporate aesthetic, thematic, and theoretical analysis and include a variety of national cinemas in addition to the Hollywood tradition, fostering the multicultural sensitivity essential to mature world citizenship.

Our alumni have gone on to a variety of careers, including filmmaker, cinematographer, producer, film reviewer, and professor. Their employers include PBS, the History Channel, A&E, and Vanderbilt University.

Media Lab

The Media Lab is located in the south basement of Chambers. The lab is equipped with high-end, video/audio editing Windows based HP computers. Each station is licensed with the Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, and Audition. The Media Lab is supported by student staff during tutorial hours or by appointment.


If you are interested in additional information about Film and Media Studies, please contact coordinator Prof. Maggie McCarthy at mamccarthy@davidson.edu or 704-894-2266.