In accordance with its Statement of Purpose, Davidson College honors the dignity and worth of every person.

Dedicated to the quest for truth, we explore the past, present, and future with all the tools of the mind and spirit, focusing on studies that are liberating and life-affirming. 

In order to pursue the restorative justice principles of repairing harm, strengthening relationships, and rebuilding trust, the college acknowledges that it has benefitted from the institution of slavery and the stolen labor of enslaved persons and acknowledges its roles in supporting and perpetuating harms caused by the institution of slavery and its legacies, including systemic racism that continues to impact Black members of our community today. 

In 2017, the Commission on Race and Slavery was formed to guide the development and launch of research projects and additional teaching and learning initiatives through which the Davidson community can investigate and acknowledge the college’s history with slavery and race as well as its historical relationships with Black communities. 

These initiatives will include (among others): teaching, research, scholarship, educational exhibitions, public events and other means of community engagement, college-created media content and permanent recognition of these aspects of our history.