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Fuji Lozada


Ph.D. Harvard University
M.A. Harvard University, Regional Studies: East Asia
M.E.M. Duke University
B.A. Harvard/Radcliffe Colleges, Chemistry and Physics


I am a sociocultural anthropologist and have examined contemporary issues in Chinese society ranging from religion and politics, food, popular culture and globalization, sports and society issues, and the cultural impact of science and technology.

Visit my personal website for a full biography.


  • ANT 100W Sports, Culture, and Society
  • ANT 101 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
  • ANT 261 Science, Religion, and Society
  • ANT 265 Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
  • ANT 310 Politics, Society, and Culture
  • ANT 341 Globalization
  • ANT 343 Gender, Power, and Culture
  • ANT 370 Theory in Anthropology
  • ANT 371 Ethnographic Writing and Research
  • ANT 384 Seminar