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Anthropologists consider the social, cultural, linguistic, historical and biological factors that shape and change cultures worldwide.

Traditionally, anthropologists studied non-industrialized societies, but in the age of globalization, transnationalism and post-colonialism, anthropologists focus their attention to the ways in which inequity, power, privilege, community and solidarity influence how people are able to sustain their lives and create social change.

A hallmark of anthropological study is fieldwork, where anthropologists observe and participate in community activities beyond the classroom and library. Students interested in cultural anthropology carry out participant observation, life history interviews, produce documentaries and photo-essays, conduct archival research, or utilize anthropological knowledge at community organizations.

Biological anthropology students gain experience in our Human Skeletal Identification Laboratory and the eco-preserve, while archaeology students have opportunities for summer field schools.

Many of our majors study off-campus, either through education abroad or in a US-based program that collaborate with a community of their academic interests.

Anthropology courses are also a part of the curricula of several other programs including Africana Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Environmental Studies and Latin American Studies.

Davidson in Ghana

Students have the opportunity to choose from several Davidson sponsored programs and from over 100 academic programs that are operated by partner providers around the world.

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