An art degree opens the door to a wide variety of career opportunities and provides a solid foundation for post-graduate study.

While many students choose careers in the arts industry, we have a number of students who have made connections between their experiences studying art and their work outside of an arts context. Because art courses provide students with a deep understanding of visual expression, graduates who have majored in art or taken art courses tend to find themselves in careers that require a discerning and analytical eye, including medicine, law, marketing, finance, architecture and computer science.

Art Alumni

Watch these short videos to learn about how past art majors have benefitted in their careers and lives from taking art courses.

Carey Pickard '90

Emphasis: Art History

Profession: Senior Vice President, The Compass Group, Inc.

Carrie McColgan '95

Studio Art

Profession: Veterinarian and Hospital Director, Village Vets

Sarah Phillips '01

Emphasis: Art History

Profession: VP and General Counsel, Davidson College

Nate Rogers '02

Emphasis: Studio Art 

Profession: Art Educator and Professional Artist

Alex Locke '10

Art History

Profession: Client Development, Sotheby's

Ambrice Miller '09

Emphasis: Studio Art

Profession: Securities Lending Product Manager, BlackRock