If you have a 3.2 overall average and at least a 3.5 average in the major you may apply to the faculty for participation in the Art Department's Honors Program.

Honors in Art History

Candidates for honors must have a 3.2 overall GPA by the end of the junior year and a 3.5 GPA in art by the time of graduation. For requirements, see Art 496. If, in the opinion of the faculty the thesis does not warrant "Honors," a grade other than "A" will be assigned for ART 496.

Honors in Studio Art

The exhibition requirement under ART 401 will be completed in the fall semester of the senior year. In the spring semester the student will present a second exhibition of new work based on a consistent series and must score a grade of A on the oral examination. All work for honors in studio will be in addition to both the major requirements and the requirements for graduation from Davidson College.