The Art Major and Minor at Davidson

The Art Department is designed around two principal areas: creative practice and critical studies.

You can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree or a minor with an emphasis in either art history or studio art, and the two disciplines are closely entwined. Our goal is to encourage creative approaches to learning in all disciplines as part of the broader liberal arts curriculum.

Courses You Might Take

CLA 142

Roman Art & Archaeology


Art and architecture of the Roman Republic and Empire, including influences of earlier Etruscan and Hellenistic Greek art upon the Romans. 

Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts requirement.
Counts toward the major in Classical Languages and Literature…

ART 211

Advanced Digital Art


ART 211 is an advanced digital art studio course with a focus on interactive and narrative forms of digital art, 3D printing, projection mapping, performance, and installation. Students will conceive of project concepts independently or collaboratively. Readings and…

CHI 122

Intro Chinese Visual Culture


This course introduces students to different aspects of Chinese visual culture including traditional ink paintings, popular publications, propaganda posters, performance art, as well as cinema. We will explore broader themes, such as the representation of the natural world and…