The Art Major and Minor at Davidson

The Art Department is designed around two principal areas: creative practice and critical studies.

You can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree or a minor with an emphasis in either art history or studio art, and the two disciplines are closely entwined. Our goal is to encourage creative approaches to learning in all disciplines as part of the broader liberal arts curriculum.

Courses You Might Take

ART 205

Advanced Printmaking


In this course individualized projects will be developed that explore mixed media applications of printmaking processes. Students will build on printmaking skills already attained and new techniques will be introduced. Both traditional and unconventional approaches to print media will…

ART 201

Advanced Drawing


A continuation of concepts and skills introduced in Basic Drawing. Designed to strengthen skills in drawing technique and process through the development of individual projects. Includes discussions of advanced topics in contemporary art theory and practice. (Formerly ART 301 -…

ART 100

Survey of Western Art


History of art from prehistory to the present examined in relation to the cultural background in which it was shaped.

Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts requirement.

(Fall and Spring)