The Art Major and Minor at Davidson

The Art Department is designed around two principal areas: creative practice and critical studies.

You can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree or a minor with an emphasis in either art history or studio art, and the two disciplines are closely entwined. Our goal is to encourage creative approaches to learning in all disciplines as part of the broader liberal arts curriculum.

Courses You Might Take

ART 102

Survey of Asian Art


Introducing students to an overview of the arts of East, South, and Southeast Asia, this course will concentrate on the materials of objects and the cultural, religious, and political context of arts production and consumption. We will explore…

ART 107

Introduction to Works on Paper


In this course we will utilize printmaking processes to explore the fundamentals of drawing.  A mixed media approach to constructing images from paper will be studied through assignments that stress a hybrid of innovative printmaking and direct-drawing techniques. …

ART 400

Perspectives in Art History


Required during the fall semester for all senior art majors with an emphasis in art history.



Normally limited to majors. (Fall)