Who will be required to take the All Access Meal Plan?

Current students will not be affected by this new meal plan requirement. Students who enter the college in the Fall 2024 will be assigned an All Access Meal Plan until graduation. This will apply to new first year students and new transfer students.

Students living off campus will continue to be allowed to select a smaller meal plan. 

If I become a Patterson Court member my sophomore year, how will I know what my plan looks like?

The college will work with Patterson Court leaders to establish options that will reflect the array of meal plans that houses currently provide. Each of these Patterson Court plans will have a corresponding college dining plan.  Together they will provide the equivalent of 21 meals per week.

What if I don’t want a full meal plan?

The full meal plan (All Access Plan) will be required of all students beginning with students entering the Fall of 2024 and going forward. Students that have documented dietary conditions for which the college cannot provide suitable meals, can seek an exception to or modification of this plan through the Office of Disability Services.

I am receiving financial aid.  Will my financial aid cover the full meal plan/All Access Meal Plan every year?

Yes, financial aid will continue to cover the cost of the All Access Meal Plan each year that a student is at Davidson. All financial aid packages are designed to cover the full cost of attendance beyond the calculated parent contribution. The full cost of attendance covers tuition and fees, an All Access Meal Plan, and a room rate.

Will I need to pay out of my own pocket to cover a Patterson Court Meal Plan?

No, each student will be billed for an All Access Plan by the college. The college will distribute necessary funds to each Patterson Court house to provide for the meal plans students receive there. Note that any national dues or social dues a house may charge its members will not be covered by the college or through financial aid, so this will constitute an out of pocket expense to a student.

If I have a busy schedule, will I be able to take advantage of an All Access Plan?

Beginning Fall 2024, Vail Commons will be available uninterrupted from opening to close. Combined, campus dining options are open from 7:30 a.m. to midnight Monday-Friday and 9:30 a.m. to midnight Saturday-Sunday, excluding college breaks. Students may use their Dining Dollars at these retail locations at any time they are open.