The Wildcat Den is located on the ground level of Baker Sports Complex and serves made-to-order sandwiches and prepared soups, parfaits and salads, in addition to snacks and drinks.

It also serves concessions during sporting events, and has a small seating area for those who need a quick break.

The Den accepts dining dollars, declining balance and credit cards.

Secret Menu to Sandwich Sensation  Makings of the Goldberg Sandwich

One Jalapeno wrap. Four ounces of deli chicken. Three slices of bacon. A slice of pepper jack. A slice of cheddar. A schmear of Chipotle mayo. And a healthy dose of spinach. These are the ingredients of the “Goldberg Sandwich.” Coined after Wildcat Den regular Charlie Goldberg '19, this student’s custom sandwich earned a prized spot as a menu special. 

‘I’ll Have What He’s Having’: The Story Behind The Sandwich