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Meal plans offer convenient pre-paid dining at a variety of campus locations.

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2022-2023 Meal Plan Information

The meal plan structure for school year 2022-2023 will remain unchanged from the current year.

The weekly meal plan swipes associated with each plan can only be used at Vail Commons, but each plan comes with Dining Dollars which can be used at any campus dining location. Those locations include: Davis Café, Wildcat Den, Qdoba, Summit Outpost, Vail Commons, Commons Market, and all snack and beverage vending machines

When a student uses Dining Dollars at Vail Commons (during a week that they may have exhausted all of their swipes), they will enjoy a deeply discounted price - $8.75, plus sales tax, versus the door rate of $13.25, plus sales tax. This is a savings of 33%. Utilizing Dining Dollars at Vail Commons is the most economical strategy to stretch your meal plan.

Meal Plans and semester pricing for the 2022-2023 school year are:

Meal Plans 2022-2023 Semester Pricing Dining Dollars Attached to Plan
2/Week Plus


4/Week Plus


6/week Plus


8/week Plus


10/Week Plus


All Access



First-year students are required to participate in the All Access Unlimited Plan for their first full year at Davidson. This plan provides for unlimited use of Vail Commons. If Vail is open and you are on the All Access Plan, you can come in to eat as often as you like. This plan is available to non-first-year students as well. Non-first-year students, including upper class students who are living off-campus, are required to purchase, at a minimum, the 2/Week Plus Plan each semester.

In each plan, Vail Commons meal swipes reset for use by 6 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Unused Dining Dollars in the fall semester will carry over to the spring semester. For Fall of 2022 only, Dining Dollar balances remaining from the previous Spring Semester will roll over for use. In successive years any unused Dining Dollars at the end of the spring semester will not roll over to the following fall semester.

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