Fall 2020–Spring 2021 Change in Policy

For the 2020-2021 academic year, recognizing that many students electing live off campus are doing so to limit their interaction with other students as much as possible, the college is allowing off-campus students to be exempt from the required meal plan. This policy change is only for the 2020-2021 academic year and will be re-evaluated. 

Students who live off-campus must specifically request exemption by sending an email to Any off-campus student who does not contact the college through this email address will be kept on the meal plan they chose earlier this summer.  If they have not made a choice of meal plan previously, the 75-Block Plan will be assigned. Off-campus students may make a change to their meal plan without penalty until the end of the first full week of classes (August 28).

As in the past two years, first-year students will not be allowed to utilize meal swipes at Davis Café for the breakfast or lunch, or dinner periods.  First-year students can utilize meal swipes during late lunch (2-5 p.m.) and late night (9-11 p.m.).

All Davidson College students participate in the College dining program. Meal plans offer convenient pre-paid dining at a variety of campus locations.

First-year students are required to participate in either the 21 or 16 Meal Plan. Upper class students are required to purchase a minimum of a 75-Block Plan for the full year.

The 21, 16, 14, and 10-Meal Plans are all weekly plans. The plans reset each week, and meals do not carry over from one week to the next. The 90-Block and 75-Block Plans count down throughout the semester.

Most plans also include additional Dining Dollars. These Dining Dollars may be used like cash at Vail Commons, Davis Café, Wildcat Den and campus vending machines. Students may also use up to 25 percent of their plan's Dining Dollars at the Summit Outpost. Dining Dollars remaining in a student's account at the end of fall semester carry over through the spring semester. Dining Dollars all expire at the end of spring semester.

Students are allowed to use a meal plan swipe at cash locations for a prescribed cash value (referred to as "meal equivalencies") at specified times. These include lunch at the Wildcat Den and most hours at the Davis Café. The meal equivalency options for first year students are limited. Meal equivalencies have a $9.50 value.

Students enroll in a meal plan each semester; unused meals do not carry over to the following semester.

Available Meal Plans

(Rates below include the required North Carolina sales tax.)

2020-21 Rates Annual Semester
21 Meal Plan
(100 Dining Dollars)
$7,525 $3,762.50
16 Meal Plan
(400 Dining Dollars)
$7,476 $3,738.00
14 Meal Plan
(200 Dining Dollars)
$6,501 $3,250.50
10 Meal Plan
(200 Dining Dollars)
$4,814 $2,407
90 Block Meal Plan
(150 Dining Dollars)
$2,637.50 $1,318.75
75 Block Meal Plan
(No Dining Dollars)
$1,957 $978.50

The college is committed to maintaining a high quality dining program and keeping meal options on campus affordable. North Carolina State law requires that students be charged sales tax on pre-paid meal plans as well as any other retail dining sales that occur on campus. The schedule of prices above includes the combined North Carolina, county and local taxes of 8.25 percent.

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Meal plans offer convenient pre-paid dining at a variety of campus locations. Choose your meal plan online.

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