2021-22 New Meal Plan

The college is launching new meal plan options for students for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Meal plan swipes associated with each plan can only be used at Vail Commons, but greatly enhanced Dining Dollars associated with each plan replace the old “meal equivalency” option. This model will simplify use of plans. Students will no longer have to figure out when or where or how often they can use a meal plan swipe at our retail locations. No longer will a student, who just wants a snack, have to use an entire meal swipe to do so and then try to figure out how to add other items in order to fully utilize the swipe value. And any student who wants to use Dining Dollars to purchase a meal at Vail Commons will enjoy favorable pricing that will actually stretch the meal plan further.

Every plan will include some number of weekly swipes that can only be utilized at Vail Commons, but Dining Dollar amounts have been increased significantly and can be utilized without restriction at all campus retail locations. The table below shows all the available meal plans and indicates the current meal plan to which they are roughly equivalent.

First-year students are required to participate in the All Access Unlimited Plan. This plan provides for unlimited use of Vail Commons. If Vail is open and you are on the All Access Plan, you can come in to eat as often as you like. This plan is available to non-first-year students as well. Non-first-year students are required to purchase, at minimum, the 2/Week Plus Plan.

In each plan, the Vail Commons meal swipes will continue to reset for use on Sunday mornings. Unused Dining Dollars in the fall will carry over to the spring semester, but any Dining Dollars remaining at the end of the school year do not carry over to the following academic year.

Students who live off-campus will not be required to purchase a meal plan for the fall 2021 semester. This policy will be re-evaluated in advance of the spring 2022 semester.

Plan Options for Fall 2021

(Rates below include the required North Carolina sales tax.)

New Meal Plan Vail Swipes Dining Dollars Attached to Plan Projected Pricing Fall 2021 Relative 2020-2021 Plan
2/Week Plus 2 per week 400 $1,020 75 Block
4/Week Plus 4 per week 500 $1,580 90 Block
6/week Plus 6 per week 850 $2,410 10 Meal Plan
8/week Plus 8 per week 1125 $3,250 14 Meal Plan
10/Week Plus 10 per week 1200 $3,740 16 Meal Plan
All Access Unlimited 800 $3,762.50 21 Meal Plan

Students may purchase meals at Vail Commons using Dining Dollars at a rate of $8.00 per meal. 

For students living off campus, the decision to continue the policy of meal plans being optional will be based on the potential for students needing to go into isolation or quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus. At some point, the college anticipates returning to the policy that all students, including off-campus students, will be required to be on at least the smallest meal plan in the college schedule.  

Meal Plans For Various Dining Needs

Meal plans offer convenient pre-paid dining at a variety of campus locations.

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