Arab Studies at Davidson

The Arab Studies Department adheres to the philosophy that the study of the Arabic language cannot be separated from the study of the rich Arabic culture.

Elementary and Intermediate Arab Studies courses, which are highly interactive, focus on giving students a strong foundation in the communicative skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Arab Studies Minor

Through our department, students can obtain a minor in Arab Studies. 

Arab Studies Interdisciplinary Major

Students may apply for a major in Arab Studies through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Courses You Might Take

ARB 327

Mediating the Uprising


This course examines audio/visual, written and digital media in contemporary Arab societies and the way they shape the current socio-political landscape and Arab public opinion. It introduces students to the mosaic of media trends and debates and helps…

ARB 202

Intermediate Arabic II


Continuation of Intermediate Arabic I. 

ARB 201 or placement.  (Spring)

REL 272

Journeying thru Islamic World


Theological and cultural study of Islamic history and religious expressions. Topics include the life of Muhammad, teachings of the Qur'an, developments in Islamic sectarianism, religious law and ethics, contemplative and ritual practices, and aesthetic values and expressions. Emphasis…