The Arabic Major and Minor at Davidson

The Arab Studies Department adheres to the philosophy that the study of the Arabic language cannot be separated from the study of the rich Arabic culture.

Students may apply for a major in Arab Studies through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. Elementary and Intermediate Arab Studies courses, which are highly interactive, focus on giving students a strong foundation in the communicative skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Courses You Might Take

POL 443

Sem: Political Islam


This course examines how modern Islam, from the middle of the nineteenth century to today, "became" political. It explores the role of theology and domestic and international politics in the development of Islamic movements, political parties, Islamic jihad…

ARB 101

Elementary Arabic I

Botros, Joubin, Khedher

Elementary Arabic I, the fall semester of a year-long intensive course in first year Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), is designed for students with no previous exposure to the language. From the first semester of the course…

REL 278

Empires & Cities


Walking around on campus, have you ever stopped to wonder how one would study Davidson's culture and life? What if you were to consider its space, art, and architecture as a window into the community? As one might…