The cultural immersion and broadening of life experiences as an impact of the study abroad experience can add immeasurably to the intellectual and personal development of a psychology major.

Our students embrace education abroad. Three-quarters of the student body travel abroad for research, service, work or internship opportunities.

Many of our students have attended the DIS Study Abroad in Copenhagen because there are a large number of classes offered that are related to psychology; however, we recommend that you meet with Office of Education Abroad staff to explore the full breadth of opportunities available for work, service and research abroad. Davidson alone sponsors multiple study abroad programs in China, England, France, Ghana, Peru, Spain and Zambia, in addition to the more than 100 academic programs that are operated by partner programs around the world.

Through these and other education abroad programs, Psychology majors, as well as students from other disciplines, have the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects first hand, conduct original research, and examine global issues in new contexts.

Plan Ahead

The sooner you begin planning for your study abroad, the better. Most students plan to travel during the spring of their sophomore years or during their junior years. As you look into programs that interest you, consider the major requirements of the psychology curriculum and the course sequencing–especially as it pertains to your statistics, research design, and research methods courses.

Course Credits/Transfers

Note that some course credits may transfer back to Davidson, provided they meet the requirements in our two-level approval process. You must first receive approval for the transfer credits from the Registrar. Once that approval has been secured, the psychology faculty will review the portfolio (syllabus and course work) from each of the classes you would like to transfer for psychology credit, checking for comparable levels for rigor and alignment with our curriculum in psychology. It is important to note that this process happens after you return from studying abroad. Neither the college nor the department can guarantee in advance that the courses you take while abroad will transfer. To request transfer for psychology credit or to ask questions about the transfer credit process, please email Dr. Julio Ramirez (