Students interested in engineering have a variety of pathways of study they may pursue during their time at Davidson and beyond.

While we offer guidelines, we recommend connecting with our engineering advisor, Prof. John Yukich, as well as engineering schools of interest before planning your study at Davidson.

Students who pursue the dual degree program can attend Davidson for either three or four years and, if accepted, attend the engineering school for the last two years. Davidson partners with Washington University and Columbia University, and information on each can be found below. Students who have completed the science and math prerequisites and achieved the requisite GPA are guaranteed admission to Washington University. Admission is not guaranteed to Columbia Engineering.

Davidson academic departments, in consultation with the engineering advisor, will count some engineering courses toward senior year department course requirements. Upon successful completion of the prescribed courses in the dual degree program, you will receive bachelor's degrees from both Davidson and the engineering school.


Davidson Degree Requirements

To receive a Davidson degree under the cooperative dual degree plan you must:

  • Satisfy all Davidson graduation requirements.
  • Choose a Davidson major and complete a course of study for that major.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the requirements for graduation.
  • Graduate from one of the cooperating schools in an approved engineering curriculum.