All students in the Humanities Program (registered for HUM 103) are required to take part in the pre-orientation program Sapere Aude, six days of community building, introductions, games, and close reading and discussion of key texts and artifacts with Humanities faculty, fellows, librarians and archivists and instructional designers.

Our Sapere Aude pre-orientation is a great way to start your Davidson College experience with your Humes cohort and the Humanities Fellows. You will get to know all eight faculty members who teach you throughout the year, as well as our librarians, archivists and instructional designers.

The Sapere Aude retreat takes place Friday Aug. 13 through Wednesday August 18, 2021 at the Holston Conference Center in the beautiful North Carolina mountains.

New Humesters should arrive on campus on Friday morning August 13, stow their things in the college warehouse except for a small bag and day pack for Sapere Aude, and we’ll board buses for the mountains at 1 p.m. Follow the Instagram accounts for @hum_fellows and @HumDavidson for details and sneak-peek info.

Humes students can do both Sapere Aude and any of the other pre-orientation programs or take part in any athletic team's pre-season activities. Students taking part in other pre-orientation programs will return to campus on August 16. Humes is accessible to all!

There is no cost. All travel, room, and board expenses are covered by the Humanities Program.