The attainment of honors in music requires work that is, and has been consistently throughout the major, of the highest distinction.

Demonstrating that distinction includes completing successfully an honors project, achieving high marks in one’s course work, being a vital member of department ensembles, and attending regularly the concerts, recitals, and lectures sponsored by the department. The Music Department does not award high honors. 

Applying for Honors

Students applying for honors must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. 3.2 GPA overall and a 3.5 GPA in the major earned by the fall semester of the senior year and sustained to graduation.
  2. Two courses above MUS 200, to be completed in addition to the 10 required for the music major. 
  3. An honors project
    1. The honors project consists typically of a full solo recital, a thesis, a composition, or a composition portfolio.
    2. The candidate for honors will work on his or her project under the direction of a project adviser in an Independent Study (MUS 395) or Applied Music, Advanced (MUS 357).
    3. All honors projects (thesis, composition, or recital) are due no later than the last Thursday of March.
    4. Honors recitals may not be given on Fridays or Saturdays.
  4. Judging of the honors project.
    1. All honors projects will be judged by a panel of three music faculty, one of whom will be the project adviser. The panel will convey to the music faculty whether the project was completed successfully and is worthy of honors.
    2. Students whose honors project consists of a recital must secure the attendance of three music faculty, one of whom will be the project adviser. 

Honors in Music will be granted following the recommendation of the music faculty. You should be aware that simply fulfilling the requirements above (GPA, a successful honors project, and additional courses) does not ensure the conferral of honors.