Russian Studies Majors and Minor at Davidson

Our department offers two distinct majors, Russian Studies and Russian Languages and Literature. We also offer a Russian Studies minor. 

The Russian Studies major combines Russian language with social science disciplines, like history, political science, or economics. Russian Language & Literature combines Russian language with literary studies. 

If you are considering a Russian major or minor, please contact the department chair, Prof. Amanda Ewington at

Courses You Might Take

ENG 220

Literary Analysis

Churchill, Miller

Designed for potential majors. Emphasizes theoretical approaches and critical strategies for the written analysis of poetry, fiction, and drama and/or film. Writing intensive. Required for the major. Students who major in English should complete 220 by…

LIT 432

Theory & Prac Lit Translation

Cheshire, Denham, Ewington, Fache, Henke, Joubin, Kietrys

This seminar addresses theoretical and practical aspects of literary translation, underscoring translation as both a distinctive form of creative writing and a demonstration of cross-cultural and linguistic competencies. Coursework includes regular literary…

RUS 420

War &Peace: Tolstoy (in trans)


In this course we devote the entire semester to Tolstoy's masterpiece, War & Peace, alongside selected critical and theoretical readings. We consider everything from genre and historiography to the text's surprising relevance in our current era of…