The Religious Studies Major and Minor at Davidson

A religious studies major allows you the latitude to pursue multiple interests, and a religious studies minor can add important dimensions to your major course of study.

A major in religious studies provides a broad background in different traditions from around the world, and exposure to different approaches, including historical, literary, sociological, and anthropological among others. This field of study encourages students to become critical and sympathetic interpreters of the beliefs and practices of other cultures as well as their own.

The religious studies minor offers students the opportunity to enhance their chosen major with a variety of religious studies courses. A minor allows for exposure to a spectrum of traditions and critical methods without the curricular demands required of the major.

Courses You Might Take

REL 178

Introduction to Islam


An introduction to Islam and the Muslim world in the classical era (i.e., 7th through the 13th century). We will focus particularly on the origins and development of Islamic religious tradition (worldview and practices) and religious…

REL 401

Senior Colloquium


Required of all senior majors. Explores issues within the study of religion and discusses strategies for research. Each student will complete a thesis directed by an appropriate department member.


REL 122

Tragedy & Comedy in Bibl Narr


A study of the tragic and comic dimensions of biblical literature. Special attention will be given to the Saul and David narrative and to the books of Ruth, Jonah, and Esther.

Satisfies the Philosophical and Religious Perspectives requirement.