The Religious Studies Major and Minor at Davidson

A religious studies major allows you the latitude to pursue multiple interests, and a religious studies minor can add important dimensions to your major course of study.

A major in religious studies provides a broad background in different traditions from around the world, and exposure to different approaches, including historical, literary, sociological, and anthropological among others. This field of study encourages students to become critical and sympathetic interpreters of the beliefs and practices of other cultures as well as their own.

The religious studies minor offers students the opportunity to enhance their chosen major with a variety of religious studies courses. A minor allows for exposure to a spectrum of traditions and critical methods without the curricular demands required of the major.

Courses You Might Take

REL 360

Myths America Lives By


Examination of the many ways that the United States serves as a focus for religious energies-for rituals, creeds, and myths that organize our lives and explain us to ourselves as a national community. Topics may include landscape, family…

REL 270

Classical Hinduism


Historical, thematic, and theological consideration of selected aspects of classical Hinduism. Topics include concepts of divinity, the place in religious life of sacred narrative and ritual, the religious significance of the intellect and emotions, devotional sensibilities, the value…

REL 161



Exploration of several U.S. movements, past and present, expressing religious commitment through rejection of received understandings of gender and/or reorganization of sexual practices. Specific movements change but may include groups such as Shakers, Mormons, Oneida, Nation of Islam…