The Religious Studies Major and Minor at Davidson

A religious studies major allows you the latitude to pursue multiple and different interests, and a religious studies minor can serve as a compelling and effective complement to your major course of study.

A major in Religious Studies provides a broad background in different traditions, both Western and Eastern, and in different methods, including historical, literary, sociological, and anthropological among others. This field of study encourages students to become critical and sympathetic interpreters of the beliefs and practices of other cultures as well as their own. 

The religious studies minor offers students the opportunity to supplement or enhance their chosen major with a variety of religion courses. A minor allows for exposure to a spectrum of traditions and critical methods without the curricular demands required of the major.

Courses You Might Take

REL 140

Sin/Redempt in Christn Thought


An examination of how selected Christian authors from the ancient, medieval, Reformation and modern periods viewed the human dilemma and its divine resolution.

Satisfies the Philosophical and Religious Perspectives requirement.

Not open to juniors or seniors until Drop/Add.

REL 273

Catholicism & Shiism

Lustig, Zamir

Our study is both a substantial introduction to Catholicism and Shia Islam and a grounded comparison and dialogue between these two religious traditions. Introductions will encompass respective theologies, devotional and spiritual practices, and ethical, philosophical and political…

REL 163

Imagining Race and Religion



This course explores intersections of race and religion in both literary and popular fiction from the mid-nineteenth century to the beginning of the twenty-first. We will examine novelists' personal experiences and their historical contexts. We will also analyze…