The Mathematics Major and Minor at Davidson

The study of mathematics offers a unique and important way of interpreting the world around us, bringing accuracy and rigor to the quest for discovering patterns in observations both abstract and concrete. 

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department intends for majors to acquire a broad and solid base in mathematics enabling both further study and application, and we aim to provide an outstanding undergraduate environment of courses and opportunities. 

We nurture mathematical, computational, and algorithmic points of view in students embarking on a liberal education, desiring skills for other endeavors, and pursuing contemporary ideas in mathematics and computer science.

Students interested in declaring a mathematics major may ask any continuing faculty member to serve as their major advisor, with whom they will meet to complete the Mathematics Major Declaration Form (PDF).

Students interested in declaring a mathematics minor submit the Mathematics Minor Declaration Form (PDF) to the department chair.

Math and Computer Science Course Ceiling Exception Request

Courses You Might Take

MAT 230

Sets and Proofs


An introduction to proof techniques (including quantifiers and induction), elementary set theory, abstract functions, infinite cardinalities, and properties of sets of real numbers; followed by an introduction to topics chosen from topology, analysis, dynamical systems, or set theory…

MAT 108

Exploring Mathematical Ideas


Survey of abstract mathematical ideas that deepen understanding of patterns from mathematics, art, and the physical world. Topics may include the nature of number, infinity, dimension, symmetries, alternate geometries, topology, chaos, fractals, probability and social choice. While techniques…

MAT 112

Calculus I and Modeling

Tamagawa, Wiedemann
An introduction to the differential and integral calculus of algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, and inverse trigonometric functions with applications including graphical analysis, optimization, and numerical methods. An emphasis on investigating mathematical approaches to describing and understanding change…