The Mathematics Major and Minor at Davidson

The study of mathematics offers a unique and important way of interpreting the world around us, bringing accuracy and rigor to the quest for discovering patterns in observations both abstract and concrete. 

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department intends for majors to acquire a broad and solid base in mathematics enabling both further study and application, and we aim to provide an outstanding undergraduate environment of courses and opportunities. 

We nurture mathematical, computational, and algorithmic points of view in students embarking on a liberal education, desiring skills for other endeavors, and pursuing contemporary ideas in mathematics and computer science.

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Ceiling Exception Request

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science does not keep "waiting lists" for classes, however, by the end of the first week of classes, the chair will make any ceiling exceptions on a case-by-case basis. If you think a MAT or CSC course should be considered for a ceiling exception, please complete a request.

Ceiling Exception Request

Courses You Might Take

MAT 140

Multivar Calculus & Modeling


Continued study of calculus and other mathematical methods for modeling change and uncertainty. Multivariable calculus topics include partial derivatives and the gradient vector, multivariate optimization, and double integrals. Matrix methods include systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, and…

MAT 108

Exploring Mathematical Ideas


Survey of abstract mathematical ideas that deepen understanding of patterns from mathematics, art, and the physical world. Topics may include the nature of number, infinity, dimension, symmetries, alternate geometries, topology, chaos, fractals, probability and social choice. While techniques…

MAT 315

Numerical Analysis


Survey of methods to approximate numerical solutions of problems in root-finding, differentiation, integration, curve-fitting, differential equations, and systems of equations. Derivations, limitations, and efficiency of different algorithms are considered. 

Counts towards the Mathematics major and minor.
Counts towards…