The Chemistry Department has one-on-one and small-group student research opportunities that are rarely offered at the undergraduate level.

Through faculty-student research projects, chemistry students have the opportunity to experience the process of discovery, master new techniques, and gain an in-depth understanding of specific chemical problems. Professors not only provide hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment but also become trusted advisers offering guidance about academic programs and career paths.

You may take part in research during the academic year and/or over the summer. Research done during the academic year is taken as an independent study with a particular professor. You should express your interest and discuss your plans with a professor when creating your class schedule for the next semester. Then follow the department's independent study guidelines and use the Independent Study Contract from the Registrar's Office to register for the course. You may pursue summer research by speaking with a professor by the mid-term of the spring semester. Most students who participate in summer research receive stipends or scholarships to do so.

Students often co-author with their professors' scientific papers published in journals and presented at regional, national, or international meetings such as those of the American Chemical Society.