The LSAT is a half-day standardized test that assesses your reading comprehension, logical reasoning and analytical reasoning. It is offered four times a year: February, June, October and December.

There are a variety of ways to prepare for the test, but know that you will need to spend a significant amount of time practicing beforehand.


One path to preparing for the LSAT is self-study. This is a way to save money for a very well disciplined student. You must be able to pace yourself, and keep track of the hours you have studied and practiced.

To prepare for the LSAT you should have at least 50 hours of self-study using a variety of preparation materials related to the LSAT. Visit for information on some of the most popular LSAT preparation books and materials.

Take multiple practice LSAT tests to get a feel for the real test. Timing is very important while studying and working on practice tests. Preparation is most effective when it is done under timed circumstances.

LSAT Blog can be a great starting point for organizing a self-study schedule.

LSAT Preparation Courses

LSAT preparation courses are one of the best ways to prepare for the LSAT. Instructors will teach you helpful tips to study more efficiently and score higher on the LSAT. The instruction is very useful, but also very expensive. Some courses can cost up to $1,300. Note that Betty and B. Frank Matthews II ’49 Center for Career Development (Matthews Center) does not endorse or recommend any particular preparation company, however the three below have been the most popular with previous students:

Practice LSAT Exams

The best type of LSAT preparation is actually taking a previously released LSAT exam. Many practice tests can be found in LSAT preparation textbooks, and in LSAT courses. Practice tests will help assimilate your mind to the long sections and critical thinking needed. Visit for information on some of the most popular LSAT preparation books and materials.


Testing accommodations are available for the LSAT. You must request accommodations through LSAC. Be sure to submit required forms well in advance of LSAT registration deadlines because it often takes LSAC 14 business days to respond to your request.