The English Major and Minor at Davidson

The English Department provides you with a depth and breadth of literary knowledge while teaching you to explore problems creatively, to be sensitive to life's diversity, and to read the world critically and thoughtfully.

English courses provide students of all academic interests with a strong foundation in critical and expressive skills. We cater to the college's diverse student body by offering both critical and creative courses that focus on various time periods, authors, genres, regions and media.  

Courses You Might Take

ENG 301

Creative Nonfiction

In this class students will learn the basics of writing creative nonfiction by reading and discussing excellent examples in the genre and through practical writing exercises.  Students will consider a range of ethical issues, strategies, and various forms of creative…

GSS 401

TV: Queer Representations


With its roots in the gendered domestic suburban household, television has a longstanding investment in questions of gender and sexuality. Pushing back against the assumption that LGBTQ characters did not appear on our screens in a sustained way…

ENG 205



This course is a workshop, where virtually everything will be based upon, work from, and be inspired by, the writing that you and others in your class accomplish. The course is based on learning the discipline and rigors of…