The English Major and Minor at Davidson

The English Department provides you with a depth and breadth of literary knowledge while teaching you to explore problems creatively, to be sensitive to life's diversity, and to read the world critically and thoughtfully.

English courses provide students of all academic interests with a strong foundation in critical and expressive skills. We cater to the college's diverse student body by offering both critical and creative courses that focus on various time periods, authors, genres, regions and media.  

Courses You Might Take

ENG 499

Senior Honors Thesis

Campbell, Ingram, Kuzmanovich

Writing of the honors thesis begun in English 498, supervised by the student's thesis director and supported by instruction of the departmental program coordinator. Ordinarily, taken in the spring of the senior year.

Permission of the instructor required.

ENG 262

Bodies at Risk in Amer Drama


In the first two decades of the 21st century, human existence has been made more precarious by racism, sexism, ableism, and homophobia; war and conflict; global warming; health inequities; and widening social and economic disparities. Contemporary American playwrights…

ENG 386

Law, Literature, and Film


Law, Literature, and Film: The Narrative Structure of Trials builds off and borrows heavily (including the subtitle) from the monumental Legal Fictions seminar taught by Prof. Randy Nelson before his retirement in 2018.  Prof. Nelson's course started from…