What is PAC?

As a premedical/prehealth student you may apply for an evaluation by our Premedical/Prehealth Advisory Committee (PAC). Our PAC assesses each student's preparedness to apply to medical school/professional programs with respect to their academic ability, commitment to medicine, and development of humane instincts and core personal competencies. The evaluation is based on, in part, information you provide, your transcripts and letters of evaluation, and uses a ranking system as follows: outstanding, highly recommended, recommended with confidence, and recommended.

Why Get a PAC Evaluation?

Once you submit your medical, dental, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy school/program primary application through an online application service, the service will request letters of evaluation on behalf of the schools, typically as part of your primary application materials. The comprehensive evaluation that our PAC provides is a valuable and recommended addition to those application materials.

The committee sends its evaluation to medical, dental, nursing or physician assistant schools/programs at your request and includes:

  • A cover letter explaining the PAC evaluation process
  • Comments and a narrative letter from the Premedicine and Allied Health Professions Program Director
  • Professional letters of evaluation from chosen evaluators (up to 6)

Become familiar with health professions school admission, and view the MCAT/DAT testing dates.

Apply for a PAC Evaluation

Students interested in medical, dental, physician assistant, nursing, veterinary, and health professions should participate in the Premedical/Prehealth Advisory Committee process during their junior or senior years.

  • For all rising juniors and seniors, and recent alumni the next 2023-2024 PAC evaluation applications and supplemental materials are due by 11:59 p.m. ET on Nov. 1, 2023.
  • We recommend that you complete the PAC evaluation before graduation.
  • PAC evaluation is not open to alumni who attend a career-changer post-bacc/graduate program, that is, alumni who take more than 50% of their prerequisite courses elsewhere. However, we advise all Davidson alumni who reach out to us as they prepare for graduate professional programs.
  • The current 2022-2023 PAC evaluation application is now closed.
  • At this time, we do not offer summer or fall semester PAC evaluations.

The next application process begins in the fall semester with the Premedical/Prehealth Advisory Committee (PAC) Evaluation Information Session (Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 7 p.m. ET). This will be a virtual session via Zoom. During this information session, students learn more about the process and have the opportunity to ask questions. If you plan to apply for a PAC evaluation, and you wish to attend the September forum, contact program coordinator Amber MacIntyre at ammacintyre@davidson.edu.

PAC Handouts


If you have any questions, please contact Amber MacIntyre, program coordinator, at ammacintyre@davidson.edu, or call 704-894-2658.

If you have any concerns about the PAC evaluation process, please contact the VPAA Dean’s Office, Meg Sawicki at mesawicki@davidson.edu or 704-894-2204.