Our sociology majors have an active and vibrant honors society, Alpha Kappa Delta, whose members are involved in a variety of social justice, academic, and research endeavors at the college and in the community.

But you are not limited to AKD–with more than 200 student organizations on campus it's easy to find people who share your interests, or to discover new ones.

Sociology majors participate in a wide variety of student organizations, including academic clubs and societies, visual and performing arts, community service groups, health and wellness organizations, business/career-focused clubs, and faith-based groups, among many others.

If you have an idea or vision that is not realized in the existing student organizations, the Student Activities Office will work with you to develop your idea and create a new group.

Under the umbrella of culture and diversity, our students are involved in organizations including the Asian Cultural Awareness Association (ACAA), Black Student Coalition (BSC), Hillel, Muslim Students Association (MSA), Student Initiative for Academic Diversity (SIAD) and Organization of Latino American Students (OLAS). Our students are also active in organizations with a focus on civic engagement, such as Ada Cooks at the local healthcare clinic, alternative breaks around the country, the Davidson Housing Coalition, and Ending Poverty in Charlotte (EPIC). They participate in student activities including Dance Ensemble, Shades of Brown Step Team and Union Board.