The Biology Major at Davidson

The Biology Department is committed to preparing students for success in graduate school, professional school and as career candidates.

Biology majors have faculty advisers in the department to help them select courses that will meet their individual goals.

Courses span the spectrum of biological disciplines that prepare students for advanced studies in a wide variety of fields. 100-level courses serve as the entry courses to the major. The 200- and 300-level biology courses give students access to a broad range of biological knowledge and technical skills.

The curriculum also prepares students to take a leadership role in society by furnishing them with the tools to make informed decisions about scientific issues.

"It is a lot of work, but a lot of fun. The biology major is great because you can tailor it to what you like (big bio or small bio or both). And it provides a great foundation for a career in the sciences or medical field."

Biology Major Handbook

The Biology Major Handbook (PDF) provides academic and administrative information about biology at Davidson.

Biology Major Handbook

Courses You Might Take

BIO 251

Light Microscopy


This group investigation course is a research-based, collaborative experience to build practical and theoretical knowledge of tissue preparation techniques and foundational light microscopy techniques such as brightfield, phase, fluorescence, and confocal microscopy. Emerging methodologies such as superresolution and light sheet microscopy are also considered.


BIO 227

Conservation Bio/Biodiversity

K. Smith

This course focuses on the scientific study of biological diversity, its rapid loss in recent decades, and approaches for its conservation.  Broad topics include the definition and measurement of biodiversity, the value of biodiversity to humans, causes…

BIO 108

Human Biology


Introduction to the science of biology by exploring human health, physiology, and disease. Designed to meet science requirements of non-science majors. One laboratory meeting per week.

Satisfies the Natural Science requirement.

Not open to students who have credit…