The Hispanic Studies Major and Minor at Davidson

At Davidson, our Hispanic Studies students work towards a mastery of Spanish, the second most spoken language in the United States and the fourth in the world.

The development of our students' linguistic competency allows them to reach a more profound understanding of Spanish, Latin American, and U.S. Latino people and their literary and cultural expressions.

We strengthen our students' critical and analytical thinking skills as well as their ability to form written and oral arguments in Spanish. Through our curriculum and advising, we help our students cultivate the fluent worldview necessary to thrive and contribute thoughtfully in our globalized world.

Courses & Requirements

Latin American Studies

There are key differences between the major in Hispanic Studies and the major in Latin American Studies (LAS). First, while the Hispanic Studies major requires classes on the literature and cultures of both Spain and Latin America, the Latin American studies major requires classes that focus on Latin America from the perspectives of several disciplines, including not only Hispanic Studies, but also anthropology, history, music, political science, and others. Second, while all courses for the Hispanic Studies major are conducted in Spanish, most of the courses taken for the interdisciplinary LAS major are taught in English, with the notable exception of study abroad courses and the Hispanic Studies courses on literature and culture that also count toward the LAS major. If you are interested in an interdisciplinary major that focuses on Latin America you may wish to view the Latin American Studies major.

Courses You Might Take

SPA 102

Elementary Spanish II


Development of further skills in speaking, understanding, reading and writing Spanish through a review of grammar and readings in the literature and culture of Spain and/or Latin America. Requires attendance at Assistant Teacher sessions twice a week and online work through the Language Resource Center. Conducted in Spanish.

Spanish 101 or its equivalent. (Fall and Spring)

SPA 270

Textual Analysis

Boyer, Gonzalez, Kiertys, Maiz-Peña, Peña, Sánchez-Sánchez, Willis

Reading and discussion of works by Spanish, Latino, and Latin American writers. Introduction to cultural, historical, and textual analysis of Hispanic literatures and cultures. Research papers in the target language. Conducted in Spanish.

Required of all majors and minors.
Counts towards the interdisciplinary minor in Global Literary Theory.
Satisfies the Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric requirement.

Spanish 260 or its equivalent. (Fall and Spring)

SPA 201

Intermediate Spanish


Extensive reading and discussion in Spanish of texts of moderate difficulty in the cultures and literatures of Spain, Latin America and US Latino; grammar study; extensive conversation practice. Requires attendance at Assistant Teacher sessions once a week and online work through the Language Resource Center. Service learning may be required. Meets the degree requirement for proficiency in foreign language. Conducted in Spanish.

Spanish 102 or its equivalent. (Fall and Spring)