The college maintains a physical education requirement for graduation; however, the program carries no academic credit.

A total of three courses are required: Two (2) Lifetime Activity credits (2**, 3**, and 5** level courses), and one team sport credit (PE 4**).

Lifetime Activity Requirement

Earning Lifetime Credit During Spring 2024

Option 1: Register for a PE Class

  • Register for a PE/Wellness class that meets every week. This is similar to a traditional class in that it meets at the same day/time, the same location, and the roster does not change.
  • Attending 90% of scheduled classes is required to earn one (1) lifetime activity credit.

Option 2: Online or Off-Campus Classes

  • Use a streaming website, fitness app, or pre-recorded classes to “attend” class.
    • Some examples are Beach Body, Peloton, YouTube Channel, Fitness Blender, Yoga with Adriene, etc. These are just examples. If you’re unsure whether something is acceptable, please get in touch with Sandy Helfgott (
  • Several local studios and gyms offer Davidson students a substantial discount. Some examples are CycleBar, Orange Theory, CrossFit Davidson, CrossFit 926, and Yoga on Davidson.
  • Students use the class log (must use the provided spreadsheet) to track their participation and it is their responsibility to turn in the log at the end of the semester.

Team Sport Requirement

One credit is required. You can fulfill the team sport requirement through varsity athletics, club sports, or intramural participation. Varsity athletes must be listed on the team's official NCAA roster, while club sport and intramural athletes are required to participate in 75 percent of the scheduled games and/or practices. Contact Allen Sutton ( or Stephen Crespi ( for more information about club and intramural sports. 

Varsity Athletes

All students who complete four years as a varsity athlete will be awarded two lifetime credits and their team sport credit. Athletes competing for less than four years will receive a lifetime and team credit and are required to take a P.E. course to fulfill the second lifetime credit. For a more specific breakdown, please read the following document