The college maintains a physical education requirement for graduation; however, the program carries no academic credit.

A total of three courses are required: Two (2) Lifetime Activity credits (2**, 3**, and 5** level courses), and one team sport credit (PE 4**).

Lifetime Activity Requirement

Prior to Fall 2020

  • Register for one class taken for entire semester
  • Schedule posted in July with registration before semester begins
  • Instructor takes attendance and 90% participation is required to pass and obtain a lifetime credit.
  • In-person classes on campus or independent studies off-campus are eligible ways to earn credit
  • Course instructor is responsible to turn in grades. Grades that demonstrate 90% participation are awarded a lifetime credit.

Spring 2021

  • Sign-up for classes week-to-week. It does not have to be the same class
  • Schedule posted on Thursday and sign-ups begin at 8 a.m. on Friday of every week
  • Students keep track of the classes they've attended, as it is a student's responsibility to turn in class log for credit
  • Required number of classes (10 or 20) to earn credit
  • Limited in-person classes, recorded, streaming, apps, websites, etc. are all ways to earn credit

Additional Information About Lifetime Credit Spring 2021  

Earning Lifetime Credit During Spring 2021

Option One: In Person Classes

  • Sign up for an in-person class via the P.E. registration site
  • Weekly class schedule will be posted on Thursday and sign-ups will begin on Friday at 8 a.m. The schedule may change week-to-week.
  • Classes will be held in baker parking lot, P.E. classroom, and the Lake Campus.
  • No-shows and cancellations within 24 hours will be charged $10, which will be billed directly to your student account
  • Walk-ins are welcome but only if there are no-shows/empty spots

Option Two: Davidson's Online Classes

  • RecordedMost Davidson classes will be recorded and available through the college's SweatNET landing page.
  • Livestreams- We will be streaming many of our classes. The link will be in the class description on the P.E. registration site.
  • SweatNET On-demandIn addition to Davidson classes, via the SweatNET landing page, you'll have access to hundreds of on-demand classes, including yoga, guided meditation, strength workouts, dance and a whole lot more.

Option Three: Virtual Classes Through Any Platform

  • Students can also choose to complete any classes through their choice of virtual platform (some examples include YouTube, Beach Body, Peloton, etc.). 

Create a SweatNET Account

  1. Visit the to Davidson Student SweatNET landing page
  2. Sign-in using your Davidson email address and the password as "davidson"
  3. Click on the "Enroll Here for Free Access" button and "purchase" the free membership
  4. Return to the main page
  5. Find classes you enjoy and start participating

Team Sport Requirement

One credit is required. You can fulfill the team sport requirement through varsity athletics, club sports, or intramural participation. Varsity athletes must be listed on the team's official NCAA roster, while club sport and intramural athletes are required to participate in 75 percent of the scheduled games and/or practices. Contact Allen Sutton ( or Stephen Crespi ( for more information about club and intramural sports. 

Varsity Athletes

All students who complete four years as a varsity athlete will be awarded two lifetime credits and their team sport credit. Athletes competing for less than four years will receive a lifetime and team credit and are required to take a P.E. course to fulfill the second lifetime credit.