The Economics Major and Minor Davidson

The skills and knowledge our students gain within the context of their liberal arts education prepare them for effective leadership in their future pursuits.

The economics major and minor are highly structured. Courses tend to build on the knowledge of economic methods, theory, and policy learned in prior courses. A major or minor in economics equips students with tools to pursue a variety of careers. The major is designated as STEM (CIP code 45.0603); the minor is designated as non-STEM (CIP code: 45.0601).


Courses You Might Take

ECO 101

Introductory Economics

Cools, Kumar, Ross

Theories and institutions that organize and direct economic activities in contemporary society. Covering both microeconomics and macroeconomics, prepares students for understanding domestic and international economic issues, and serves as a foundation for further work in economics.…

ECO 211

Introduction to Accounting

B. Baker

Comprehensive study of the theory and problems of valuation of assets, application of funds, corporation accounts and statements; interpretation and analysis of financial statements.

Only two courses numbered 211-214 may count towards the Economics major.
Only one course…

ECO 336

Economic Growth


What sustains economic growth in the long run?  This question was the focus of Adam Smith's 1776 masterpiece "The Wealth of Nations".  Nobel laureate Robert Lucas famously said that "Once one starts to think about [questions of economic…