Frequently Asked Questions

You are likely to have questions about pursuing engineering at Davidson and beyond. We have compiled some frequently asked questions here.

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Do I have a choice as to which school I am going to (Columbia or Washington University of St. Louis)?

Yes – you can apply to one or both schools.

Do I need to declare an Engineering major at Davidson for this program?

No – in fact, we do not offer a major in engineering at Davidson. Pre-engineering students typically major in physics, math, computer science, chemistry or biology at Davidson and then begin their engineering studies at the affiliated engineering school.

Does my AP credit for CHE 115 satisfy the Chemistry requirement?


What if I took Calculus in high school and place into a higher level of Calculus at Davidson?

You are exempt from the lower level courses.  You do not need to retake them! 

Does my Davidson College financial aid continue when I transfer to a cooperating engineering school?

No. You only receive financial aid from Davidson when you are enrolled at Davidson. When you transfer, you will need to apply for a new financial aid package from the cooperating engineering school.

Can I take a pre-requisite course at another institution?

Yes, but the course must provide transfer credit for the pre-requisite course at Davidson. The Davidson prerequisite course number must appear on the Davidson transcript. 

How do I satisfy the dual-degree Humanities and Social Sciences requirements?

The Ways of Knowing requirements satisfy the Humanities and Social Sciences requirements.

Do I need to satisfy all of my major requirements in only 3 years at Davidson?

No. If you major in math or science (physics, chemistry, biology, math, or computer science), two major requirements will transfer to your Davidson transcript when you complete your coursework at the cooperating engineering school. 

When am I accepted in the affiliate school’s program?

Pre-engineering students apply to the affiliate engineering school in either the winter of their junior year (for the 3-2 program) or in the winter of their senior year (for the 4-2 program).

Is acceptance guaranteed? 

Admission to Washington University in St. Louis is guaranteed for those students who meet the minimum requirements, but admission to Columbia University is not guaranteed.

What degrees do I receive from the dual-degree program?

You will receive two bachelors degrees at the conclusion of the program – one from Davidson and one from the affiliate engineering school.

Are there other degree options?

Yes. Masters degrees and PhDs are also options at both Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia University as well as numerous other engineering schools. In fact, acceptance to the Washington University masters degree program is guaranteed for Davidson students who meet the minimum admissions requirements. 

If I am interested in pursuing engineering after Davidson, but I am not participating in the dual-degree program, what coursework do you recommend?

The prerequisites for the dual-degree are a good guide for what graduate engineering programs will be looking for. You will want to demonstrate a strong foundation in applied math, computer science, and science. Hence, we recommend taking all of the dual-degree prerequisites. You may also consider the following classes:

  • CSC 221 – Data Structures
  • MAT 235 – Differential Equations
  • MAT 315 – Numerical Analysis with MATLAB
  • PHY 310 – Electronics and Instrumentation